DEEPA STONE has been involved in Exploitation, Extracting and Export of Natural Stone in Iran stone for more than 45 years. Stone inquires of domestic and International clients would support by extracted Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Crystal, Granit and Guillotine directly from quarries. In factory, produce natural stones, in forms of slabs, cut to size and Tiles. In various finishing such as polished, Honed, Brushed, Antique, Flamed, etc. Proposing several well -known Stones in our album for meeting any taste & Well capacity warehouses enables DEEPASTONE to meet worldwide demands and issues natural stones to wholesalers, importers, architectures and stone factories. Hajjar factory established in 1975 and after installation of automated slab production line in 1978 and extraction of crystal quarries in 1979, Arme Group (AG) found in construction industry first in 2005. In line with the progress of science and technology in the world installation of new production lines, a slab production line in Tehran and a tile production line in Isfahan, all deployed with Italian equipment, happened in 2006. With creation of DEEPA trademark in AG, supply chain to present of comprehensive services was complete professionally in 2017. Deepa trademark number 297915 is owned by the ARMEBON company as a subsidiary of the ARMEGROUP and registered in National Trademark Office. DEEPA is a subsidiary of the ArmeGroup Building Holding, which cooperates with the collections of this holding in providing services to the ArmeGroup projects. AremeGroup consists of 4 subsidiary companies. • ArmeBon Prestreesed Structures: Registered in Tehran. This company is the main shareholder of other subsidiaries and is responsible for most projects. • ArmeDeck Innovative Structures: Registered in Tehran. This company is the owner of some registered technologies, products and responsible for the projects with some special items or technology • FarabaNovin Qeshm: Registered in Qeshm Island free zone. This company was established for some business purposes. • Deepa Stone Group: Registered trade mark belongs to ArmeBon and. This trade mark is used for natural stones business. If you are interested to know more about ArmeGroup please refer to : http://en.armegroup.ir



  • Supplying marbles for use in specific industries (elevators, billiards, countertops, etc.)
  • Providing constructional stone for domestic projects
  • Export of block, slab and tile.


  • Changing the global view to Iranian stones
  • Establishing a leading organization in the field of natural stone supply and creating a global brand for Iranian stone
  • Creating new applications for natural stone



Alireza Tavafoghi

Member of Board

PHD in civil engineering

Abbas Sabouri

Member of Board


Alireza Asgari

Member of Board

MS in civil engineering

Sadegh Shokrifar

Director of Export Department

BSc in civil engineering

Pedram Abdollahnia

Director of Specific Use Department

BSc in civil engineering

Mostafa Ebrahimi

Manager of the Building Department

BSc in civil engineering

Abbas Parvaresh Raz

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

BSc in management

Shadi Esmaeeli

Director of Design Department

BSc in architecture

Somayeh Askari

Director of Administration

BSc in accounting



  • The head office is located in Tehran for closer and more effective communication with customers. In the Deepa headquarter we provide consulting services to find the best choice regarding the various criteria.
  • In two quarries of Deepa, we produce brown marble and White crystal blocks.
  • In Deepa factories, in addition to our quarries blocks, we produce other marble and travertine too. Deepa factories are equipped with the most up-to-date stone processing machinery in the world.
  • Tehran warehouse is intended for customers to visit Deepa production and imported stones.

Partner companies

To create a complete portfolio of products and services for constructional stone customers, Deepa has recruited a number of stone industry activists as members of its supply chain.

Deepa experts provide customers with products and services of Deepa standards and prices.

Supply chain members are categorized as follows:

  • Quarries
  • Factories
  • Importers
  • CNC & Water jet Workshops
  • Manufacturers of special products (split face, antiques, guillotine, etc
  • Laboratories and scientific organizations.


In addition to the two owned quarries, there are 10 marble, travertine and granite quarries in the Deepa supply chain. These quarries enable Deepa to produce cheaper products in the factories and to export of various blocks..


Projects are mainly supplied by Deepa owned factories. But for the following reasons, other factories are in the supply chain:

  • Supplying products in high quantities and fulfill commitments in the committed delivery time.
  • Reduce the cost of supplement using nearest local quarries.
  • Increasing the financial capacity to attend large projects
  • Diversify the Deepa products portfolio.
  • 20 factories are involved in Deepa's supply chain that help Deepa fulfill its commitments in a high quality, reasonable price and on time process.


Deepa imports about 20 foreign granites and marbles directly from India and China in recent years. Due to the high variety of imported stones, Deepa has assigned 5 major importers in the supply chain.

CNC and Water jet Workshops

Deepa's project proposals mainly include CNC and water jet services. In order to deliver high quality, affordable and on time service, Deepa has included two sets of CNC and water jets in its supply chain

Manufacturers of special products (split face, antiques, guillotine and ...)

Meaning of the special products is whom they could be used in building and landscaping but they have a special extracting or producing methods and are usually not processed in Factories but are produced in specialized workshops and mainly in limited quantities.

Deepa has a supply chain agreement with each manufacturer for each of the special products and uses their services and products in projects if necessary.

Special products include:

  • Slate
  • Malone
  • Antique and guillotine stones.
  • River blocks
  • Cubic
  • Artificial Quartzite
  • Alabaster

Laboratories and scientific organizations

Regarding the naturalness of the stone, in some cases and applications, in addition to reviewing the application history of a particular stone, mechanics tests are also required to make the right choice.

Deepa collaborates with two academic centers and a consultant to provide the services needed for projects.