Iranian Granites

The main minerals of granites are feldspar, quartz, mica, and others. Granites are very hard to be polished and have high compressive strength. Their average density is about 2.6 tons per cubic meter and their water absorption is usually less than 1%, they have very low porosity and exhibit good resistance to heat. The granites are uniform in texture and the color of the granites depends on the color of the feldspars. Light color, red and pink granites (alkaline granites) are highly regarded because of their pink or red color and have a special position in the market. The quality of the gray granites (calc-alkaline granites) depends on the degree of darkness and the size of the crystals that form them. Granite is mostly used in places where compressive strength is very important and it is necessary for the stone to be more resistant to cold, heat and abrasion. As a result, granite is widely used for pavements, sidewalks, piers, as well as interior spaces in floors and walls that are subject to greater abrasion. However, the use of granite is not recommended for flooring because it causes slippage, so the granite used in these spaces should be flamed or bush hammered. Granite exterior must be installed using a scope, because its water absorption is low and its adhesion to the slurry will result in detaching from the wall.