It is metamorphic limestone or metamorphic marble whose grains or crystals are visible and have a full crystalline texture, consisting mainly of calcite and a small amount of Wollastonite. In some crystals, there is also quartz, which increases with the amount of quartz, increasing the hardness of the crystal. Its color is usually white and light gray. The water absorption of crystal marble is usually less than 1%, their Density is about 2.5 tons/m3 and their average compressive strength is about 115 MPa. These Marbles have very low porosity and have good abrasion resistance. Crystal is suitable for exterior usages and has good adhesion to mortar. Crystal is also a great option for paving and interior applications, as it has the characteristics to have a material in cobblestone or interior walls (including water absorption, and compressive strength). However, the crystals are slithery on the surfaces, so they should be processed as bush hammered and cubic to prevent slippage. Deepa supplies Iranian Crystals. The crystals in Deepa product portfolio are selected according to the availability of blocks, customers' view points, project budgets and different applications and respond to a wide range of market needs.