Marble is a metamorphic stone formed by recrystallization of limestone over time under high pressure and heat. The main minerals of most marbles are calcite and other minerals such as quartz, granite, hematite, limonite, etc. are present in marble. These stones have a variable texture and have Stylolite chain veins found in the texture of the stone, giving a particular beauty to the color and design of the marbles. Marble can be used in all spaces and interiors, but it is only possible to use these stones for exterior applications, with this conditions:

• The marble should not be colorful because its color disappears after a while. Light color marbles are suitable for exterior applications.

• The marble used should be thick so that water penetration and corrosion of the marble could not disintegrate it.

• The surface of the marble should not be polished. It should be processed with techniques such as bush hammering, leathering, brushing or splitting the face. We produce about 30 Iranian marbles in the Deepa. The marbles in Deepa's product portfolio are selected according to the availability of blocks, customers' view points, project budgets and different applications and they meet a wide range of market needs.