Iranian Marbles


It is one of the metamorphic stones that its main mineral is calcium carbonate. The presence of aluminum and magnesium minerals in it, makes color variations in it. Pure onyx is completely white. It is also available in black, green, pink and yellow. It cannot be used in exteriors because is exposed to sunlight, cold and heat, and it loses its durability and will be weathered. It is mostly used for interior applications. One of its specifications is the transparency, which is used in modern architecture and interior design. It could be book matched and used as either 2 or 4 parts in residential and commercial lobby walls with beautiful backlighting.


IT is composed of calcareous stone and is one of the metamorphosed sedimentary stones. In fact, it is a combination of onyx and travertine. Water absorption and compressive strength and other parameters of it are like the marble and travertine. We cut Tra-onyx in two vein cut and cross cut methods, with a variety of colors and designs. We can use Tra-onyx in all interior and exterior applications. In the lobby and interior decoration, we use the backlighting feature. Thus, by passing light through the Onyx parts of it, they create a beautiful appearance. It should be noted that cross cut Tra-onyx is stronger.