Limestones And Sandstones

Limestone: It is a type of sedimentary stones that due to high lime, it has high water absorption percentage and low erosion resistance, therefore limestone is suitable for locations away from moisture and erosion. It is not recommended for flooring of indoor and outdoor spaces. Limestone is mostly light in color and has the advantage of being reasonably priced and uniformity. The best place to use limestone is in the exterior walls and in dry areas is the staircase wall, parking wall and patios.

Sandstone: Sandstone is a type of sedimentary stone composed mainly of various sand particles and minerals including calcium carbonate, silica, iron oxide and dolomite. Sandstone comes in a variety of colors that are more common in yellow and gray. Sandstones are highly resistant to weathering. They have low flexural strength and very high water absorption. Sandstone does not have good adhesion to grout and mortar, so it must be restrained by stone scopes before installation. Sandstone is used enterior spaces, enterior facedes and for paving outdoor spaces.