Supply of Stone for Specific Uses

Today, stone has a special place in some industries and the existence of collections that produce stone and also closely relate with different industries will facilitate the use of stone for these industries. Deepa is trying to organize the group’s products in order to meet the needs of the industry by identifying the need for various types of natural stone. Deepa currently supplies for four sub-stone industries:

  • The Elevator Industry (Stone for the floor covering of the elevator cabin)

  • Sportswear Industry (Stone for the cover of pool table)

  • Decoration Industry (Stone artifacts)

  • Equipping The Industry (Stone for countertops)


The Elevator Industry (Stone for covering of the elevator cabin)

 Natural stone is one of the most suitable options for covering the floor of the elevator cabin, Deepa produces a large number of stones used by the elevator industry at its own factories and imports a number of foreign stones from its trading sector from different countries and in order to provide easy access for traders, delivers a wide range of slabs used in elevator cabins for its respectable customers in Tehran warehouse.

Sportswear Industry (Stone for the cover of pool table)

 Pool tables are produced in a variety of sizes and styles, and their surfaces are usually made of several pieces of stone. Multi-piece stones prevent the table from dampening due to atmospheric changes. (Smaller tables usually made from a one-piece stone). Thickness, size and material of stone are factors that affect the quality of the table and its proper function. Deepa, in interaction with the pool table designers, has provided them limestone and crystal stones with custom thicknesses and dimensions.

Decoration Industry (Stone artifacts)

 Stone statues and panels have a distinguished role in interior spaces, facades of buildings, urban decoration and etc. Deepa is ready to bring the ideas of designers and architects in this arena with the use of advanced tools and pro sculptors.

Equipping The Industry (Stone for countertops)

 Countertops have an important role in creating a glorious atmosphere in residential, commercial and office areas. Countertops in addition to withstanding the load, must resistance to impact, wear, moisture and environmental factors. Nowadays, artificial stones (corian, quartz, etc.) have a significant share in the production of countertops, yet natural stones have retained their place and support. Granite and marble stones are used to produce countertops according to the usage and designers and employers views. Deepa provides designers and interior decorators with a variety of foreign granites and domestic marbles with a thickness of 3 and 4 centimeters for the production of countertops.