Supply stone for projects

Stone is one of the most important materials used in buildings. Selection of natural stone should be done carefully and accurately with appropriate choices, in order to increase the durability, beauty and permanency of the structure and reduce the cost of repairs and restoration. Consultants and executives of construction projects are often faced with the problem of choosing the right stone and often make their choice on the basis of the hearings, while each project has its own unique profile and the criterion of stone for the project should be such as: the usage of the building, the location of applied stone, color, design, type of final surface finish, required quantity and availability, stone price and budget proportionality, technical information and stone tests, etc. Stone selection criteria should be evaluated in a wide range of marble, granite, travertine and onyx stones to create a special value for the project by cleverly selecting the stone.

At Deepa's head office, consultancy services for selecting natural stones are provided to employers and their consultants, so that they have the best selection according to different criteria. After providing decision makers' opinion and agreement on the stones needed for the project, the Deepa experts apply the order and supply of the required stone (in our factories or imported stones warehouse) based on the specified criteria, and during the delivery of the stone to the project and the stages of stone installation will be present at the project and will provide the necessary services.

Process of Providing "Consulting and Supply of Construction Stone" Services in deepa

In recent years, Deepa has offered project-oriented stone services for buildings, and with attendance alongside employers and their consultants, fully meets the project's stone needs. In this way, in addition to its existing products and imports, based on the needs of the project, considers necessity of products and imports for its factory and warehouses.