Iranian Travertines

It is a calcareous stone formed by the activity of hot springs and the rapid cooling of water. Travertine with its wide range of colors and designs has many advantages, such as its consistent color and brightness. If the travertine is cut parallel to the layers and the image of these layers is seen as clouds, we call it cross cut and if cut perpendicular to the layers, we call it vein cut. Travertine can be processed in a variety of ways, including polished, honed, leathered and antiques. Due to its pores, It absorbs slurry and mortar well behind it, and this travertine will last many years in the exterior walls against contraction and expansion. Deepa provides 20 Iranian travertine. The travertine in Deepa’s product portfolio are selected according to the availability of blocks, customers' view points, project budgets and different applications and respond to a wide range of market needs.